-¦«(R.S)»¦- Countdown Server Rules

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-¦«(R.S)»¦- Countdown Server Rules

Post by EviL-EyE on Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:23 am

To spend a good time in -¦«(R.S)»¦- Countdown server, every player must to comply the following rules :

Allowed :-

• Camping
• Free name choice ( no taking other clans tag name or personal names )
• chatting with all languages

Forbidden :-

• No spamming
• No spying
• No Blocking (Door blocking or whatever..)
• No advertising your site or clan
• No discussion in religions
• No bad language "insulting other players" whatever the reason is

If someone break the rules, he gets kicked or banned !

-¦«(R.S)»¦- Clan Administration
-|R.S|- Clan Leader

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